Monday, October 31, 2005


Sorry I had to erase that post. Not because of content, but the large size would push all of these posts down and you would not get the news and comment as quickly as before.

Which you like, right?


P.S. The Cubs still blow goats.

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Matt Jenks said...

Damn. I was really hoping that I wasn't too late to read your thoughts (after 16 cans of beer) on the whole "defeat of the accursed Black Sox curse."


I thought one interesting thing about this whole World Series thing to come about was the Cubs fans jumping on the Sox fans' bandwagon, despite decades of bitter enmity between the two camps (trust me, Cubs fans are never happy to see the Sox when interleague play rolls around since the Sox always get up for it while the pima donnas on the north side sit around and bemoan their lack of a world series title in the past 87 years while staring around their booze-drenched ballpark looking for hot chicks). I'm not sure if this was a "hooray, it's Chicago" thing (which is very well might have been) or if it was a "God, we hate Houston" thing (which is the camp I was in).

Now, I'm not going to tell you that I'm breaking my Die Hard Cubs Fan card in half and burning my lifetime membership and stop whining about Ron Santo's perenniel snub by the Hall of Fame. Oh no. I'll say that I was happy to see the Sox win, if only it meant that Houston didn't win. And while I'll reach across the aisle and shake hands with the Sox fans and say "Good job", all I've heard from Sox fans is "Fuck you, chum. Now the Cubs are THE MOST MISERABLE TEAM IN ALL OF BASEBALL HISTORY."

Oh well. It's like Mike Wilbon said, the Cubs are never going to win until they stop sitting in that dugout and whining about how things could have been and get out there and Bo/ChiSox it up, grab destiny by the horns, spit in the face of curses, stop looking for Steve Bartmans to blame it on, grow up and start playing a child's game like the men they are supposed to be.

The goal now should not be to win one World Series, but to win two in a row. That way we can maybe, just maybe, give some lip back to the other side. But even then, it will probably still be whiny.

P.S. Congrats again from a fan of the most pathetic team in all of MLB history.