Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In The Dull, Old Summertime

This piece is probably a load of self-serving bullshit, but I am in the midst of preparing larger things (look for your homework assignment at the end) and just wanted to take stock of my life as a man of leisure.

I promise to keep all sentences punchy yet and at the same time pithy as I go over my May and June.

Books I've Read
(This does not include the many items from this reading list for one of my seminars)

Books I'm Currently Reading

Films I've Recently Seen/Rewatched

  • The Fog of War - Excellent documentary. War is extremely complex as are the people who wage it and Robert McNamara is a perfect example of this. No, it does not let him off the hook.
  • All The President's Men - Political/journalistic thriller at its best. No matter what you think of any of the players (my views on Richard Nixon are famously complex), it is a well-done film.
  • Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room - Really informative, leaves the central question unanswered (was the collapse the fault of bad people or indicative of a bad system?)

Places I've Recently Visited (That Aren't The Grocery Store, Sleazy Dives, Etc.)

Things I've Regretted

  • Not getting to Indiana to see my Puma bretheren. We shall meet on the good earth of the Hoosier State once again. I promise.
  • Beer, refried beans and gyros in a single day. My colon has recalled its ambassador and closed the embassy.

Asses I've Kicked

  • Those other bitches in the Pub Trivia League. Trey Junkins does not fuck around. So there.

Current Favorite People (You Readers Out There Are ALWAYS My Favorites)

Well, that's about it. Oh, and I played host to my brother, my friend Eric and my parents in three weekends of fun and frolic here in beautiful south central Wisconsin. I love visitors and should ask Mayor Dave to put me on the payroll. I sell this place better than your whiny ass.

I also added a picture. Do you know who that is? I'm guessing Greg probably does.

Your Homework For The Evening (Or Whenever, I Guess)

  • Read about the Levellers and the debates at Putney in 1647. Real democracy in action in the midst of the English Civil Wars. Don't worry, this will not be Hobbes redux. I learned my lesson.

Remember, more links make it more fun. Enjoy!

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