Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Immediacy: Not Really Possible (For Now, At Least)

I realize that I have not posted in some time. It is crackerjack time in the semester and things are indeed (as ever) coming down to the wire.

I have the following to contend with:
  • 10-15 pages on Bertrand Russell, his meeting with Lenin in 1919 and his ultimate rejection of communism and why the hell this matters anyway.
  • 15-20 pages on the New Model Army and radicalism in the English Civil War and who did what when, why and why the hell this matters anyway.
  • Four pages of diplomatic documents to translate from French to English (and flawlessly, I might add).

How far am I on any of this you ask? I know a little about the first thing, a little more about the second thing and, as for thing number three, well, I know enough to know enough, let's say (an interestingly constructed sentence, I realize).

Plus, as if my bad academia habit was not enough, I am vaguely aware that there is some sort of Christian (or Jewish, perhaps...Hindu?) holiday approaching that I get the sneaking suspicion that I need to give somewhat of a shit about...

Pile on top of that developments in the world as we know it including but not limited to: resignations, civil wars, international Cold War-style intrigue and the Badgers in the Capital One Bowl on the first (screw Arkansas, by the way) followed by a family birthday on the second and doubtless TA training in that week as well leaves me with, oh, about thirty seconds in the next month and a half to think about anything other than school and this aformentioned mystery holiday (is it the commemoration of a forgotten war?...the War of Jenkins Ear, perhaps?)

Come to it, I really have precious little to do for the holiday season. I am only on the hook for five gifts (that I can remember, anyway), and three of these are to my immediate family. Apart from this, I have to send cards to people out of town, go and consume an entire shrimp ring and half-cooler of luke warm Miller Lite at the History Department Holiday reception, and make it onto a bus in two weeks. Not that bad, I know...if you don't count the intervening hours of intellectual horror as I argue, recant, rewrite, question my worth and ultimately "give up" in the process of writing (my version of giving up is like other people finishing, but with a lot more lamenting and gnashing of teeth).

I ask you, what would you rather have? Holiday madness or academic madness? Isn't it all just being fucking insane in the end? Does it matter how you got there? Will you even know it when you arrive?

No need to answer...it will only speed the aformentioned process of insanifying (hey...new word).

Check back soon...there will be something here (Fates willing...)

Oh, and a Happy War of Jenkins Ear Day to you and yours (that's it, isn't it?)


Greg_Shealy said...

Good luck!! Have a beer or eight at the dept reception for me!

Lost A Sock said...

We over here live for holiday madness! We contribute to it! Thrive on it! Squeeze it until it pops!

Good luck finishing up the semester.

Otto Von Bozzi said...

May the season bless you rings of shirp the size of Saturn my friend.

Otto Von Bozzi said...

. . . shrimp. . .sorry

Dad said...

War of Jenkin's Ear Day ? Gifts limited to ear piercings, unwanted hair and wax ? ... might work

Matt Jenks said...

Very nice, busting out the War of Jenkins' Ear. For added information, December 11th is the date Prince Llewellyn died, the last native prince of Wales (and Jenksian ancestor). December 9th is also Chris Greski's birthday, which should also be celebrated. December 2nd was Kelly Rittenhouse's birthday, as well, and she had the nicest ass in the HNHS class of '94. Staring at it got me through many a boring science class back at Salamonie elementary.

Oh yeah, good luck getting through all that stuff. You academics are a stodgy bunch (got your Christmas card last night, by the way).