Friday, February 16, 2007

Typical. For The Cubs, Anyway

This sort of baseball injury is absolutely hilarious. Only a Cub could do this sort of thing (or let it leak out, anyway).

I will return next week with some thoughts about the movie The Queen and how people understand and interact with history.

For weekend fun, try these fascinating philosophy games. They are a great (and smart) way to make those hours veritably whiz by.

Well, I must be pot roast needs attention. Yes, it's O.K. to drool.


Lost A Sock said...

"My arm feels great. My body feels good." Did you slip in a hot tub, or get run over by a truck? To quote my husband, Sissy Mary...

Matt Jenks said...


I guess, at least, he didn't whip out little Kerry and lay it on some high school girl's knee, a la Mark Chmura of the Green Bay Packers in the mid-90s.

Matt Jenks said...

I stole this from's Cubs preview. I thought it was an appropriate, concise estimation of how the year will play out.

"Speaking of Baker's crimes against the pitching staff, it's just sad at this point to see Mark Prior miss the rotation altogether while Kerry Wood can't climb out of a hot tub without injuring himself. Hendry wised up enough this offseason to sign Jason Marquis and Ted Lilly to eat innings when Prior (and probably Zambrano, finally) made visits to the DL, but I can't imagine that any team with a regular starter whose ERA is north of 6.00 will be lucky to win 85 games and make it to the World Series. Sure, it happened last year, but it won't happen to us. We're the Cubs, after all."

erika said...

OMG - Greg and I laughed out loud.
The games were great - hours of fun indeed.

Where are you??? Post!!!