Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Welcome Back, To That Same Old Place That You Laughed About

Yes, yes I know...it seems that the Bears loss in the Super Bowl caused me to fall off the face of the Earth.

Well, I assure you, all I did was fall of a barstool (or two) and into one of the busiest and most productive semesters I've had in some time. It really does seem to ring true that the more you do, the more you can do.

I hope to bring you my trademark blend of angry rant and intellectual discussion, and oh brother, we have a lot to discuss.

Before we launch into things that I want to talk about, how 'bout you the (hopefully) returning readers of COTL?

In an attempt at outreach (and to stir your interest again, or at all), and at the risk of doing something incredibly stupid, I will make this offer.

Each reader gets to ask me one question...anything at all (when I say anything, I do so with the understanding that my parents read this thing, but oh well, I was the dumbshit who wanted to do this).

Go ahead, hit me with your best shot.

Oh, and check out my two new posts: a book review and some musings on my first semseter teaching people something.

(Extra points for the name of the sitcom from who's theme song I stole the title for this post).


Schneider said...

Up ya nose with a rubba hose...

Welcome Back Kotter

Please send me my cookie

Anonymous said...

As a Libertarian, someone who is a rational human being who believes in modern science, and someone who believes that the life of children are worth saving.

Should the government (Federal, State, or Local) have the ability to force a child to undergo medical care in the case where s/he would die without it? Specifically, I mean in the case where their parents oppose medical treatment for religious or pseudoscientific reasons and would consequently not carry it out?


Frema said...

Welcome back, Will!

Questions, questions.... Let's try this one, just for fun: What do you think of the sixty-year-old woman who just gave birth to twins?

K-Diddy (Kray) said...

Welcome Back!

My question is two-fold. When will you be back in Chicago again, and want to meet for lunch downtown? Shoot me an e-mail.

Also, the Bears loss has not been easy on us Indiana residents thanks to all the Colts SB shirts and hats that were sold. I hate bandwagon fans.