Thursday, February 05, 2009

And Now...Choice Of Reading At COTL

Well, you have two bright, shiny, new posts today at COTL. They can be found below.

One concerns short pieces of brilliant writing and how I often fail in my aspiration to emulate them. The other is a collection of items about economic stimulus, "Buy American," the value of partisanship, the uselessness of the GRE, the new miracle drug "Stimulis" and much more.

I am planning longer examinations for the near future. Particularly, the parallels between themes in this and this and this intrigued me.

Barring that, I ask you, dear readers, is there anything you are dying to get my take on? Anything, large or small, that would benefit from the perspective of a grumpy libertarian barstool philosopher?

Or should I have a big plate of shut the hell up with mind your own business sauce served with a side of we don't give a shit?

What say you?

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