Thursday, May 12, 2005

Updates Twain

Here are updates to two posts on this site. One is serious and one involves puppets.
  1. The Army will suspend recruiting for one day, May 20 of this year, to "reinstruct" recruiters. As this story suggests, more and more of these cases are surfacing. This is normal, as it takes less and less courage as time goes on. They are trying to put out the fires before they spread. I suspect, however, that people have had a hunch for a while (as I suggested yesterday) that these people are no good.
  2. The puppets of Michael Jackson Puppet Theater CAN BE YOURS! The folks at Countdown with Keith Olbermann are auctioning the original MJPT puppets on Ebay, I imagine in hopes of attracting the likes of Golden Palace casino on their jag of buying the odd and that of questionable use. As it seems, the morons are out already as the bidding is over $15,000. All the money goes to charity and all is in good fun. But, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, "who ARE these people?"

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