Monday, May 02, 2005

Questions of Questionable Importance

Just some small stuff and comments today. Consider these wire service table scraps in the form of a question. Working up some bigger things for later this week.
  • MSNBC changing names? It's not surprising that Microsoft wants to get its hands off of the "sick man" of cable news. Their only redeeming programming, Don Imus and Keith Olbermann, is far overshadowed by that braying ass Chris Matthews, legal sleazemonger Dan Abrams and Joe Scarborough who seems like a door-to-door bible salesman with a television show.
  • So, Laura Bush is funny now? More realistically, she can read a prepared statement and takes coaching better than her husband. Was it really shocking that she has a sense of humor? Being around THAT guy for how many years?
  • A 9/11 soap opera/mini-series on Fox? Only Rupert Murdoch's gang at Fox would pull something like this. Didn't they see the episode of South Park that said a disaster cannot be entertaining until 23.7 years after it happens?
  • Why do I still laugh when I read things like this?

I promise. I can and will do better.

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