Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nursing The Six-Month Hangover

Ran across a great summation of Election 2004 six months on by Reason magazine managing editor Jesse Walker. It appears on page 22 of the July issue of Reason (would link to it, but it is not online the print edition first.) It crystalizes the feelings of many, especially people who ended up on the losing side (which, as a third-party voter, usually happens to me), but it is in special reference here to the Democrats.
  • "Six months after Election Day, campaign '04 feels a bit like that bourbon-fueled night you made out with the clerk in the next cubicle, or the summer you joined that self-improvement group that turned out to be a cult, or the year in junior high when you wore parachute pants everywhere and insisted against all evidence that you could breakdance. Mistakes were made. In retrospect, everyone involved looked a little foolish. The tactful thing to do is pretend it never happened."

Rest of the article is pretty good too, especially his assertion (sensible, that) that politicians and their constant moral grandstanding and floating values debates just serves to point out how clueless these people really are most of the time.

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