Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pundits, What Are They Good For?

Havent't done this in a while, so let's go to the world of punditry and wonkism, where the torture never stops:
  • Anne Coulter - Boy, this raving mental never ceases to amuse. Now she is calling Sandra Day O'Connor "Reagan's biggest mistake." For one thing, I didn't think that conservatives were ever allowed to say anything negative about Reagan. With his funeral last May, his apotheosis for the right was complete. Also, her attack on a justice that refused to run with the group and tried to interpret the law in her best opinion is indicative of the intransigence of the raving right. O'Connor was no saint, but at least she dared buck the line on occasion.
  • Sidney Blumenthal - His piece on the Supreme Court is perceptive in that the Republican base (the likes of Anne Coulter) see this as an opportunity to make abortion and gay marriage illegal. What he misses is the fact that Bush will be forced to nominate a compromise candidate. I think he knows that he risks the integrity of the party if he makes a one-issue nomination. Or, he could not care at all and nominate, say, Anne Coulter.
  • Robert Novak - Commenting on the court, he calls Bush his own greatest obstacle to a successful nomination. That's funny, seems to me that a certain Sun-Times commentator is also becoming an obstacle for his participation in a certain outing of an active CIA agent. Let's see...Judith Miller didn't even write an article and she is in jail. Novak leaks the source and he is a free man. Now THAT makes perfect sense...
  • I forgot where I heard it, but I heard it mentioned that the Bush White House is the most paranoid about security of any other administration in history. I wish I could remember what idiot said this, but have we forgotten RICHARD NIXON? Just because he got caught by his own paranoia dosen't mean that he wasn't the worst. Haldeman and Erlichmann completely controlled access to the president (often seen as a reason why Watergate go out of control).

Encounter these people and make up your own mind. What gives them the right to tell anyone what they think?

You have reason and freedom to use it. Do it while you still can.

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