Friday, September 02, 2005

On Wisconsin!

Well, the move is complete and I am now living in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. Seems like a great town. Met some good people, fried some salami and had my first of many cases of sweet, cheap Blatz Beer. spiritual home.

I will resume posting soon, because there is much to discuss. The breakdown of all civil order in Louisiana and Mississippi for a start.

I am sure that my graduate career will also provide ample fodder for entries. We went through an orientation and it was informative if riddled with scare tactics for the unprepared. I guess that some of these people are coming right off of undergrad and have had no graduate experience. I pity them. Or maybe they are lucky in that they have no old habits to change/overcome.

Well, as the state motto of Wisconsin instructs us, "Forward!"


Anonymous said...

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Will Shannon said...

God, this kind of shit pisses me off.

Frema said...

You can delete spam, you know. When you're logged in, click on "View Entry," click on an individual post's comment section and click on the garbage can icon. Also be sure to click on the "remove forever" option.

You can also go to "Comments" when you're logged in and turn on the word-verification option that should make it harder for people to spam you.

Aaron Cynic said...

I got one of these recently as well, and it puzzles me. I understand spam e-mail and pop ads and all that cal, but I don't get spam blog comments. Who is actually going to click the link, and if they do - who's going to stay on that particular page afterwards? I guess it's like junk mail. Does anyone use val pack coupons?

Alan Lastufka said...

I was born and raised in Milwaukee. Wisconsin is a beautiful state, enjoy it Will.