Wednesday, January 04, 2006

One Year On: What Have We Learned?

As we are close to the anniversary of this blog, I felt it necessary to consider our place vis-a-vis the major issues of the day. Y'know, take everything into account from the past year and see if we have indeed become better people for considering and dealing with our world.

What a sad failure that exercise is.

The fact of the matter is that we have learned nothing and I doubt that we ever will. Look back at the year that we came through and it proves the assertion.

Hurricane Katrina and the response? Further proof that the government does not care about the people or their safety or lives.

The Karl Rove/Judith Miller/Robert Novak/Valerie Plame (and more) situation? Further proof that the "governing class" cares not for you or I. They scandalize each other and make each other look foolish for the benefit of whom? Nobody, that's who. Further proof, furthermore, that the "secret diplomacy" and government that people so readily assume is gone since the end of WWI is still the lingua franca of those who matter.

My piece on eminent domain of the past year? A shout in the dark as the forces of state development march on. Who ever thought that John Locke and his ideas would be dangerous again?

The basic rights of all Americans to do with their bodies (the most organic form of property) what they wish? Shot down by smoking bans, an ascendant neo-prohibitionism and the rejection of gay marriage. Americans are losing their basic rights daily. I have tried to stem the tide. I hope that all of you act similarly.

Where do we go from here? I guess, for my part, I will continue to try and give my readers a different perspective on the events of the day and give the reminder that rights are taken easily.

What can you do? Never stop feeling uncomfortable with the state of affairs. Question and it will become plain. Also, keep reading this space. I love writing for you. I hope I offer something that is worth reading.

Look forward to more commentary from me. As for you, keep a look out.

I close with the old Chinese curse:

"May you live in interesting times!"

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