Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gross Blog Negligence

Yeah, yeah. I know. I have not posted in ten days. Here's why:
  • I went on vacation. I went back to Oak Forest and then to Highland, IN and then back to Oak Forest to then depart for Lake Geneva, WI from whence I left for Arlington Heights, IL by way of Richmond, Spring Green, Volo, Wauconda, Fox Lake, Lake Zurich (all in Illinois) and returning to Lake Geneva, WI via Wonder Lake, Woodstock and Hebron (also in Illinois. We returned to Oak Forest via Kenosha, WI (where I ate a bratwurst).
  • I had a lovely time.
  • I am trying to get ahead for the fall semester. My results have been mixed.

I will return to Madison and more regular posts in a few days. My travels have proved (as they always do) great fodder for reflection. Here's some of the things you can expect (with a certain generosity of spirit):

  • Why the arrival of a batchelorette party at the bar you are inhabiting is a sure sign of trouble.
  • The interesting blending and bleeding of borders between rural, suburban and rural.
  • Other curmudgeonly observations, no doubt.

Aren't you lucky?


Lost A Sock said...

Hope you're having fun!

Matt Jenks said...

Ha! I was half tempted last week to post some sarcastic comment about how you were in Lake Geneva or something.

Hope you enjoyed it. Hope you had a fine beer or twenty.

Frema said...

Ah, school. Hearing you talk about it makes me miss it. A little. A lot. Kind of. :)

Matt Jenks said...

Oh, and I forgot to curse you for having a brat in Kenosha. I assume at the Brat Stop? I stopped there one night after going to a Brewers game, and they weren't serving brats. I was pissed.

Have you been to the Cheese Castle there? I always meant to go, but never did. I thought I saw on Food network they have some beer for sale, and a decent selection of it, too. Let me know if you do stop in, or have, or whatever.

Matt Jenks said...

Thought you might like this.

Aaron Cynic said...

It was nice seeing you for that ten seconds in Arlington Heights. Get my package, btw?

Anonymous said...

Man, you are living the I-94/I-90 dream


Dad said...

Yet another week of family therapy sadly comes to an end ... I enjoyed it glad you did too.... there's always next year !!