Monday, August 28, 2006

A Case Of Blatz, A Block Of Cheddar And Thou

I have two more substantive posts in the pipeline for this week. One concerns my reflections on living in Madison, away from "home" for a year (the anniversary of which was yesterday). The other is focused on Swinging London in the '60s, but not what you expect; think more Drury Lane than Carnaby Street here.

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful site recommended by NPR legend, host of Whad'ya Know? and Madison resident Michael Feldman (which was in turn recommended by my dad).

Hey, poetry is not just about, well, poetic things. It can be about anything. I published a series of poems about molluscs in my high school literary magazine. They were good, I was told.

Maybe I was just told that to get me to stop writing the likes of "Hey, Buddy Mollusc."

Hey, their loss, right?


Matt Jenks said...

One night while sitting around waiting for a couple of carbonyl carbons to resolve themselves from the baseline noise on my 13CNMR, I was cruising the internet and stumbled upon some poems dedicated to the element cesium. Clearly, this was the case of a grad student who had snapped and decided to wax poetic about element 55. I was so inspired that I considered writing an epic about ruthenium, but in case it isn't clearly obvious, not much rhymes with ruthenium.

I also found a site that had written out lyrics to something called the "Diels-Alder Rag". That one, however, has gone missing since I left ND.

Matt Jenks said...

Were those poems anything similar to "Ascus." "And we'll tell ya!"?