Thursday, September 21, 2006

Like A Ton Of Intellectual Bricks

Yes, I am fully aware that I have not posted in some time. The academic year, coupled with personal commitments, have drained my time to the last.

I know I promised reflections on my first year in Madison and "Swinging London," so here goes:
  • Madison feels more like home every day...and Oak Forest, apart from my family being there, feels ever less so. It is somewhere I am "from" not "of," if you follow me.
  • London, and all of England, was a mostly joyful and happy place in the early 1660's. Remember people in Afghanistan when the Taliban was deposed. Same deal. It didn't last.

Now, as to the future, we are in the midst of an election season and, as you all know, electoral politics is one of my drugs of choice. I will, naturally, offer my views. In fact, I will post tomorrow with some predictions.

If all goes according to plan. I hope. Probably.

Thanks for your continued support.


Matt Jenks said...

Levadopa might be a better choice.

Hope Bucky fairs better than the Futile Irish did this weekend.

Glad to see you're back. I figured that academia swallowed you whole and was thus the reasoning for your prolonged silence.

Not that I can talk. I've updated the blog once this month. Been too busy and tired. Life does that to you, I guess.

One will assume that the water supply in Afghanistan post-Taliban was somewhat better than the water-supply (or, cholera supply) in 1660's London.

Greg_Shealy said...

Well, not great luck as far as Michigan goes. I see an 9-3 season with wins against Minnesota, Indiana, Buffalo, Northwestern, Illinois, and Penn State at home (rejoice). I am not sure that 1660 was as big of a dead end that you seem to suggest.

I also think that Karzai -- for all of his problems -- is no Cromwell.

Will Shannon said...

Very true. Karzai is no Cromwell, nor is he Charles II. He is a guy who hides in Kabul until someone comes to see him. So what is he the president of, exactly?

1660 was not so much a dead end as it marked the beginning of the retrenchment of Stuart absolutism that would lead to the Exclusion Crisis, the downfall of James II and the Glorious Revolution.

As for the Badgers, 9-3 sounds really plausible.