Monday, June 11, 2007

As Long As There Are No Follow-Up Questions

You (or at least those of you who responded) gave me some good questions and I hope below to give some good answers. These are the short versions of my answers; if you would like me to "show my work," I would be glad to (I get the feeling that Greg might want to see this).

So, here goes...
  • Greg - Taking into consideration the non-aggression axiom central to libertarianism, the view of the state as either non-existent (Murray Rothbard) or as the "night watchman" (most notably Robert Nozick), and also bearing in mind John Locke's notion of children as potential free-actors and the notion (which Locke refuted) that parents have the right of life and death over their children and that fathers have absolute authority (a la Sir Robert Filmer), I believe that the state (at the long end) has the right to prevent this sort of aggression against children though they have not yet gained full access to their natural rights and (at the short end) the state may not be able to intervene, but they should have the right to punish parents who, in effect, murder their children.
  • Erika - I think that Hugo Chavez is one of the latest graduates of the Fidel Castro Institute of How To Piss Off the United States (famous graduates include Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmhadinejad and Saddam Hussein). Domestically, he seems to be following the same bankrupt state socialism that was disproven (finally) almost twenty years ago now. He does things, naturally, calculated for effect and because he knows he has something that we use and obsess over. I suspect he is long near-month oil futures on the NYMEX and does something "shocking" when he wants the price to pop. He, I suspect, is the least of our concerns at present.
  • Lost A Sock - The words "driveway" and "parkway," after a quick perusal of the Oxford English Dictionary, come from the late 19th century. The "park" in "parkway" seems to refer to the idea that it is an urban "green space" not the fact that a vehicle may alight there. The terms "cargo" and "shipment" are seventeenth century and retain their meaning from that era though the mode of transport has changed. We do this a lot with terms: in the UK, for example, what we would call a "divided highway" is still refered to as a "carriageway."

As I said, if you want me to expand on my answers, I would be glad to do so.


Lost A Sock said...

Only you, Lord Shannon, could answer my stupid question in such a way that would make me read it twice for understanding purposes.

Wink wink

Matt Jenks said...

Driveways were given the name because it was a "way" to "drive" to the garage.

Parkways were given the name because they were "ways" that passed through "green areas" that were also described as "parks".

I only say this because about every other month my word-a-day email gives us the mysterious origins of these words. Bah. Give me something good, like why we don't pronounce the "wh" in "gunwhale".