Saturday, August 11, 2007

The One Where Will Confirms His Mysogyny

So, I went to my local tavern tonight, what of it?

One thing that all people need to notice is the real masters of the situation....the bartenders.
At this place, they are simply the argument needed...they refill my Scotch glass with such frequency that it becomes, thanks all of you.

As for the hatred of women, what else could I do? I have been done over by so many women that it sucks. Really and truly.

It is good that I have decided that I never shall marry...perhaps for the best.

To all of you who say that "well, Will will come arpund," I say PISS OFF.

For my next trick, I'll need a voulnteer...

1 comment:

Lost A Sock said...

Friends don't let friends blog drunk. Oh wait, yes we do!

It's okay if you don't get married, Will. We like you either way. That is, whether you come arpund or not.