Friday, January 09, 2009

Multum In Parvo

Here are a few things of (possible) interest:
  • An interesting post from Tim Harford on becoming happy by association.
  • A very funny spoof on Blago's quoting of Kipling's "If."
  • Stephen Dubner's take on the cost of fearing strangers at Freakonomics.
  • Tyler Cowen's musings at Marginal Revolution on the geography of Johnny Cash songs.
  • Also at MR, Alex Tabarrok discusses historians, economists and the Great Depression.
  • A great essay by William Burns at Cato Unbound about terrorism and risk assessment.
  • David Friedman's ideas on using World of Warcraft to teach economics.
  • Yesterday was Elvis's birthday. Enjoy this clip from the '68 Comeback Special. You can get the whole thing at YouTube.

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