Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Multum In Parvo, Spring Break Edition, not the sort of Spring Break that springs to mind: blaring crappy pop music out of a Days Inn window in Florida...drinking Keystone Light out of a McDonald's cup...syphilis.

Merely a few short items that combine some of my favorite things:
  • First, sports and economics. Use some economic thinking in making your NCAA Basketball picks.
  • Second, the Coase Theorem and reality (such as it is). See how this foundational idea of the relation between law and economics is playing out with a Las Vegas convienence store.
  • Lastly, booze and economics. Read Tim Harford's take on alcohol prices and their effect on consumption.

Sorry that there is nothing of substance this week (do read the above articles, though). I am away from Madison until the weekend. That and all the festivities for St. Patrick's Day, my dad's birthday and a trip to Pittsburgh.

I will need to get back to work to get some rest for a change.

Anyway, enjoy.

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