Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Link Exchange

  • Margaret Atwood's take on Twitter.
  • Tyler Cowen explains the greatest flaw with the labor theory of value.
  • Land smugglers? Indonesia has them.
  • Apparently, the founders of the American Economic Association in the 1890's were progressive, scientifically minded and really into eugenics and race purity. In other words, they were absolutely typical of many intellectuals of their age.
  • Baffled by the whole "militia movement?" Robert Churchill's recent book is a good start.
  • Magnetic stimulation to certain parts of the brain can change moral judgements.
  • Peter Boettke wonders, "why is economic common sense so hard to communicate?" I wonder if, "economic common sense" *might* just be an oxymoron.
  • With talk of the 2010 Census in the air, check out this chart of the most populous US cities according to the first census in 1790. New York tops the list...with 33,131 people.
  • The allure of glamour.

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