Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Big, Dull Thud



Ok, ok, I know. Hobbes is not exactly light holiday reading and maybe needs to be mulled over a bit. I also realize that, when transfered to MS Word, the last entry was the equivalent of six double spaced pages.

An interesting exercise would be to relate Hobbes and Nuts-Ripped-Off-Guy. In other words, what would Hobbes have to say about human nature and society considering the aformentioned nut-ripping?

That is the most times I have ever used the word "nuts" in a piece of writing. I promise it won't happen again. The use of the word, I mean.

As for future nut-rippings (there it is again), I can make no guarantees. Could/would Hobbes do the same?


Matt Jenks said...

I think Hobbes would have to say "Jesus, that had to hurt!" And then, like the rest of us, laugh when the denutellated fella said, "No, that bitch is in jail where she belongs!" (I added the "that bitch" part. I imagine it was taken out of the news account). And then Hobbes would offer and hefty "Here here!" to the man.

Like you said, Hobbes was long. And I haven't had any time over the past couple of weeks to read it. Science sleeps for no one. Especially when you've suddenly discovered that the Buchwald coupling you thought you had done turned out to be a Sonogashira (chem geeks everywhere are wincing right now).

Think of it as the nuclear hormone receptor agonist version of nuts-ripped-off guy.

Lost A Sock said...

For what it's worth, that is the first time I ever used the words "crazy bitch" in the comments section. (And I am still cringing over publishing it.)

I love your writing, and the way you think about things. I read each and every entry, but I gotta tell ya Will, some entries (let us point to them as the "most intelligent" ones,) make my head spin.

A political girl I am not, though I feel your blog has taught me more than I ever intended to learn. Just thought I would throw this shout out to say HEY, I know next to nothing about the Balkans, and you'll probably never find me on, but I am still a fan.