Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blogging Called. He Accepted The Charges.

I would like to welcome a fellow Madisonian and loyal member of the Opposition here in the P.R.O.M (People's Republic of Madison). Now, we are not scary Republicans nor lackadaisical Democrats...we are much, much better (at least we think so).

So, check out Greg's blog for some great pieces on Madison, the "Midwestern ethos" (something I have considered at length), the sporting life and other worthwhile pieces in future.

Greg is moving to Berlin, Germany for a time so his perspective on Continental affairs will be most welcome.

Oh, and I helped him design and build a five-storey beer bong. I am not (in the words of Dave Barry) making this up.

Here is the link to Greg's blog.

Much in the thinking about your impressions of Thomas Hobbes.


Matt Jenks said...

I love how he would hide behind the door and spring on Calvin when he would come home, but not Susie Derkins. In fact, when Susie was at the door, he would wear a tie.

That Hobbes, he's a cut-up with the ladies.

Will Shannon said...


Matt Jenks said...

And here I thought you were ignoring me.