Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Political Addicts, I Am Your Enabler

I know I did this recently, but I have found two other sites that could literally take up hours of valuable time.

As for my political addiction, it has waned with my lack of access to cable news (every hard-core addicts "guilty pleasure") but I still read too much for my own good.

I view it like this: some people like to pick Academy Award winners; others like to do fantasy sports (I do this, but not well at all); some place wagers, legal and otherwise, on all manner of contests. This is what I do.

Anyway, your fix:
  1. - This site provides the latest polling data for people, elections and issues as taken by the major poll taking organizations (some of which have great, evil names like Diageo and Opinion Dynamics, along with the more traditional Gallup and the silly Quinniapac). The most recent are concerning people's opinions of John McCain, Hilary Clinton, the state of morals in the U.S. and consumer confidence. Pure gold.
  2. - Another ubersite. The best part, though, is their "power rankings" of members of Congress. The comparison of these rankings can fuel all sorts of speculation, providing hours of enjoyment. For example, Wisconsin (as a state) exerts considerable pull in the House, but not really in the Senate. Wisconsin has two representatives in their "top ten," namely James Sensenbrenner (R-Menomonee Falls) who is #5 and David Obey (D-Wausau), who is #9. Look up your guys and gals and see where they fit.

Yes, I'm the pusherman. You know you need it. Just one hit won't hurt anyone. It's never just one, though, is it?


Matt Jenks said...

Are you kidding? I'm still basking in the glory of my predicting Jim Bunning's re-election EXACTLY as it happened.

Plus, I boldly prognosticated that Mike Nifong, Durham DA-cum-national celebrity, was going to get bounced by mobs of angry Duke fans. Apparently, I was wrong by about 2% of the vote.

Frema said...

Oh, Will. You are the only person who makes me wish I knew more about politics.