Friday, July 07, 2006

Heavenly Retribution, Class Conflict And Ouzo

Just a few short things here on the brink of the weekend:
  • Remember my post concerning iPods and beer? Seems that someone was listening, a rather omnipresent someone. Read this and marvel at the fact that the heavens may have spoken to us through this stupid kid.
  • The wine-and-cheese crowd have a run-in with the cops? Seems they did. Crowd control for the beer-and-brat crowd? Chain link fence and armed policemen. Crowd control for the yuppie scum? "Oh, please move your blanked and fifty-dollar bottle of wine so that we can pack more assholes like you here to listen to Mozart, who originally composed for rich douchebags like you." Typical, absolutely typical.
  • Here is what I am doing tonight. In part, at least.

Have a good one.

Life'll kill ya.


$ K-Diddy $ said...

Man I need to come over to Madison for one of your Zorba parties. Gyros and Ouzo wow sounds like fun.

Lost A Sock said...

Too funny. Hope you had a good time.

(Gyros, blech!)

Matt Jenks said...

Ah, Christ, Stavros, you're half a step away from that fishing boat in the Mediterranean, aren't you?