Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Scattershot Thoughts Of An Unimportant Thinker

Below you will find, well, nothing much, really.

These are things that have came to me over the past few days, whether through observation or just "having a bit of a think." Some are statements, others questions.

In either case, they are not very important. Perhaps I should be focused on more important matters, but I have all the time in the world.

To wit:
  • British television : American Television :: The world as it is : The world as we wished it would be. A generalization, for sure. I think there is some truth to it. This is not a value judgement on either, merely an observation.
  • Perhaps this article delves further into my dislike of soccer. I usually don't read The Weekly Standard, but it seemed somewhat germane. While the authors push the postmodern metaphor a bit far, it does make some valid points.
  • For me to be an object of desire for any woman would take such a bending of the mind that it could be said to be impossible. In other words, I am not sure I would like to meet a woman who finds me desirable. Conflicted? You bet.
  • If the guy behind me clears his throat or rattles his phlegm one more time, I am going to fucking stab him.
  • Can we ever escape Hobbes' notions about society? Is the battle between order and chaos the eternal center point of any sociopolitical arrangement?
  • Come to it, can we ever truly escape Aristotle's ideas concerning politics and the cyclical nature of government in a society?
  • I saw people bicycling in the midst of a hours-long downpour yesterday. I can imagine that wet Spandex bike shorts would be really disgusting feeling.

Are you a better person for having trod where I hath trod?

Better not answer that.

1 comment:

Lost A Sock said...

I hate, HATE, British television.

Soccer is no fun.

I have a very cute, single sister who hates politics (ha!)

It would be a funny story for the man to go home to his wife with, "so I cleared my throat and the next thing I know this man is coming at me with a knife..."

True (see me agree with only a very small base of knowledge here, too small to go into detail, but large enough to say, true?)

True (see me lost, agreeing to be nice?)

Eww, spandex. Gross on anyone. Even a biker. Especially a wet one.

Apparently I am big on writing lists tonight. :0)