Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Link Exchange

  • This American Life episodes in infographic form. These are good if, like me, you like the show but are occasionally annoyed by Ira Glass and his crew.
  • Want the streets to be safer for motorists and pedestrians? Remove all the signs. Let the order emerge from below, not be imposed from above.
  • Jodi Beggs searches for the elusive upward-sloping demand curve. The paradox of a Giffen good, a good that people consume more of when the price goes up, is an important implication of price theory.
  • Create a map of Michigan using just your own two hands. I have personally seen at least two native Michiganders do this very thing. They must teach it in schools up there.
  • Do unpaid internships violate minimum wage laws? Officials in California, Oregon, New York and elsewhere seem to think so. Don Boudreaux and John Stossel aren't so sure.
  • Robin Hanson on Matt Yglesias on political ideology. I agree that, in political debates and ideology formation, who gets respect is more important than abstract points of doctrine.
  • Want to pay more in taxes than you have to? Fine. Just don't force me to do the same.
  • Will Wilkinson on the "liberaltarian drift." I guess I agree that, tempermentally, lots of libertarians are close to liberals. For me, though, it comes down to the fundamental problem of modern libertarianism in America (as stated by Penn Gilette): the problem is getting the gun guys to agree with the drug guys.
  • When do professors get their politics, such as they are? Why are most professors and people in academia "liberal?" Read more here.

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