Friday, April 30, 2010

Link Exchange

  • Jeffrey Toobin on John Paul Stevens. Interesting throughout.
  • An entrepreneur rails against how minimum wages hurt small businesses and their employees.
  • A penetrating (pun most certainly intended) exploration of how the porn industry has always been on the cutting edge of the intersection of technology and commerce.
  • Russ Roberts dissects the financial crisis (very ably, as you might imagine). Arnold Kling comments and Roberts responds.
  • A new book on game theory and how it is still a valuable tool in examining human interaction.
  • Hand-drawn maps: better because they are task-specific. I see this as further confirmation that human beings are hard-wired to think cartographically.
  • Fascinating work on the macrohistory of debt.
  • The new $100 note is ugly. I will grudgingly accept them despite this aesthetic blunder.

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