Monday, April 11, 2005

Raising the Next Generation of Paranoid Do-Gooders

As just another sign of the use of suspicion, subterfuge and minor financial reward to turn people against each other comes this story from Rome, Georgia. Read the short text and try to control the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

What ever happened to the old idea of "no one likes a tattletale?" I remember teachers and parents saying this all the time. Now these people want to encourage spying on fellow students?

I think that it is a combination of a paranoid need for control by school officials (who already have a tendency toward this), laziness on the part of these people and a desire to turn students against each other. They are easier to control that way.

You can see where this will lead. You know how teenagers are. It will be just another weapon in the teen's arsenal of personal attack and retribution against the people that they don't like. It will truly be a case of the inmates running the asylum.

Let's hope that this is a fluke or there are parents with brains in their heads that will take issue with using their children as moles against each other. This teaches the wrong message.

Then again, when have schools ever cared about that?

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