Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sad, Really

These two items are almost too sad to be believed.
  1. Rosie O'Donnell's blog - Just when you thought that she was fading in to irrelevance, she is back in annoying blog form. Maybe this IS the sign that she is fading away...down to a blog on the same site where the likes of ME spew their opinions? The saddest part perhaps is the address - http://onceadored.blogspot.com. At least you can't hear that damned annoying voice.
  2. Margaret Thatcher Visits a Strip Club - No, this is not made up. I swear. Click on the link and be prepared to do a Danny Thomas-like spit take. I don't know what to be most scared of: Mrs. Thatcher amongst strippers (of either gender), the fact that the Conservatives were having a fund-raiser there or that the owner of this place is described as "mulleted." If the Tories wanted an image change, the image of Mrs. Thatcher in a strip club was the wrong first choice. Eeew.

1 comment:

Aaron Cynic said...

That Thatcher thing is pretty crazy. But I can't believe that's O'Donnel's blog. I fart better words than she types.