Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dithering On Doyle

Since I wrote two weeks ago, much has happened in the life of Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle (D).

Or has it?

He had a major victory when his veto of the concealed carry law was upheld by two switched votes. I think that concealed carry should be legal and encouraged everywhere. An armed society is a polite society. Sure, there are risks with allowing people to carry guns everywhere, but I will always maintain that the majority of gun violence does not take place using legal, licenced firearms carried by qualified individuals. Also, the police cannot always be counted on to be there or to do their jobs. It makes everyone a first responder. I digress a little, but I think responsible firearm ownership forms one of the pillars of a free society. Not in Wisconsin, though, I guess.

He is also leading his opponents in fundraising for the 2006 gubernatorial race. This would be encouraging for his backers, but the fall-off in the second half of the year shows a bit of weakness. With all of the recent give-backs and general financing wierdness, some of this "good" news may be dampened a bit.

Where does all of this leave Gov. Doyle? I wager that the price of Doyle shares experienced some volatility, but are as of now unchanged. He seems to be competing with his opponents, but in a state where Republican voters outmatch Democrats almost 5 to 1, it is anyone's guess.

Perhaps he is not as squeaky clean as before but, hey, HE'S A POLITICIAN. It's like eating or sleeping for them. They have to do it; it's part of their lifestyle.

Doesn't make it better, just makes it clearer.

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