Friday, February 03, 2006

Will Shannon: The Dewar's Profile

Well, not exactly. I thought, however, that I would post something like this to "lighten the mood" after the rather heavy offerings lately. It is like the sorbet after the kielbasa, kraut, potato dumplings and kluski noodles that make up the Polish (I guess) meal that has been this blog.

For a poet, I am a hell of a...whatever it is that I do.

Anyway, thanks to Frema for the rubric

Four jobs I’ve had
1. Plumbing Parts Salesman, Builder's Square, Tinley Park, IL.
2. Overstressed and Hung-over Trading Floor Clerk, Chicago Board Options Exchange.
3. Men's Suit Salesman (less stressed/hung-over), Value City Department Store.
4. Graduate Assistant/Department Bitch, History, De Paul University

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. Fletch
2. Glengarry, Glen Ross
3. Blues Brothers
4. Waking Ned Devine

Four places I have lived
1. Oak Forest, IL (my parent's house)
2. Midlothian, IL (my parent's other house)
3. Rensselaer, IN (collapsing dorm building)
4. Madison, WI (house built in 1866 w/mysterious neighbor)

Four TV shows I love
1. Father Ted
2. Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister
3. The Prisoner (I think just about the best T.V. show ever made)
4. Simpsons/Seinfeld (I consider these part and parcel of my generation's culture)

Four places I’ve vacationed
1. London, UK
2. Lake Geneva, WI
3. Pittsburgh, PA
4. Paris, France

Four of my favorite dishes
1. Italian Beef sandwiches
2. Gyros
3. Kielbasa and anything
4. Anything deep-fried, really

Four sites I visit daily
1. Fucking Myspace
2. Drudge Report
3. This one (naturally)

Four places I would rather be right now
1. In a bar with free drinks and no asshole undergrads.
2. The same, but in Pittsburgh (GO STILLERS!)
3. The same but in the ethereal plane with A.J.P. Taylor, my spititual mentor
4. Some sort of giant gyro spinner carnival ride

Well, there you have it. Pointless? Sure.

I was gonna post the SOTU comments, but I just don't feel like it now.'ll have to wait. Lucky you.


$ K-Diddy $ said...

Gyros-the Greek's Greatest Gift to the Modern World (Followed Closely by Democracy)

Gyros-a Greek word for meat that rhymes with Spiro which is coincidentally the name of the man who sold it to you

Frema said...

Pointless? I love pointless!

In the first part of the meme that mentions Builder's Square, I originally read it to be Baker's Square, and I was all, "Mmmmmm. Pie." But really, who doesn't love pie?

$ K-Diddy $ said...

For Disclosure Purposes: $ K-Diddy $ is Kevin R. from SJC Gallagher Hall.

Will and I would grill anything we could fit on the grill including Soup and SPAM. Will and I waxed philosophical about the American Revolution and "I got $5 on it" and talked about Profs. who drank weed infused coffee while they listened to "Free Ride".

Lostasock is my spouse :7)

Matthew "el Chupacabra" Jenks said...

I was right! Lost A Sock is Molly Ray!

Score one for the boys back home.

And now I'm REALLY going to have to talk my coworkers into going to get gyros for lunch (and they have real lamb gyros here...and the Lord (and Jenks) said, "It is good.").