Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Love Crazed Sex Goddesses

The title, unfortunately, is the best thing about this post. I am mired in laundry, Thomas Hobbes and fin-de-seicle Vienna. As Dubliners say about their cathedral (which has no spire) it is utterly pointless.
  • NY Governor George Pataki (R) is not recovering from surgery. Why, if you are not related or a NY resident, should you care? He has made presidential noises in past months and it is a sure bet that he will not run again to remain in Albany. A dark horse? Yes, and this makes it all worse. You don't want a diseased president, do you? Well, they are all (to some extent) symptoms of systemic disease, but you get the picture. We are talking actual contagion here.
  • Maybe this is the best man for the White House in 2008: Michael Jesus Archangel (R-Michigan). He is both Jesus AND the archangel Michael. Talk about yer holy package deal. I like the machete in the picture and his website is worth a read. Well, it proves that, in theory, any native born person over the age of 35 can run for president.

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Matthew "Compassionate Conservative" Jenks said...

I thought you must be busy with grad school goodiness, since I hadn't heard from you but briefly when I injected your day with some good old fashioned nerdy science. At least the laundry is getting done, right?

I realize that you provided the link to a summary of the candidates' "credentials", but did you go to Michael Jesus Archangel's website? It's hilarious, in that sort of train wreck I can't stop staring wow is this off-the-wall way. I concur, the machete is a nice touch.

But, I agree. You libertarians should embrace your Republican brothers. Of course, I say this just to yank your chain a little. We don't need you! We've got Jesus on our side! And apparently his younger brother, too.