Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Illinois And The Fine Art Of Jiggery-Pokery

This will be a short one, just two more recent examples of the "culture of corruption" in Illinois politics, especially in Cook County.
  • When they say culture, perhaps it was in a literal sense. Illinois has been called a "petri dish for corruption" by the National Association of Attorneys- General. So, how are the fine people of Illinois supposed to take this assertion by a bunch of government lawyers. Well, people of Illinois, consider the case of Wisconsin AG Peg Lautenschlager. I am sure she would be the first to down Illinois for being on the make, but, well, explain this away, top law enforcement officer in the state (be sure to watch the video). We don't mind corruption...means you don't have to bother with the forms.
  • Hey, this is abuse of the system...civil servants getting away with flouting the law like that...oh, wait, this sort of deal makes that look like a sort of a fringe benefit. Were there kickbacks, brown-envelope jobs, payola...well, it got done, didn't it?

And the beat goes on...

(Oh, this is what jiggery-pokery means).


Lost A Sock said...

I like jiggery-pokery. The definition listed hanky-panky as a synonym, but that one could go a few different ways.

I'll try to fit some jiggery-pokery into my day today. :0)

The Pirate King said...

I can't believe legerdemain did not make it into the thesaurus section. Sheesh.

Howevery, skullduggery is a fun word, too. Makes you sound like a Pirate.

"Arrrr...we be goin' intah port tonight, for some debauchery and skullduggery. Yar."