Friday, April 21, 2006

In The Good Old Summertime...

...there will be more posts.

I am currently engrossed in the end-of-year rush and feel like an academic air-traffic controller. I have projects, presentations and suchlike to finish. It always gets done, but the pressure is on.

Fear not, kind reader. The summer frees me up for more independent reflections and ability to publish in this space.

On the agenda are continued ruminations on impeachment of President Bush (we are taking the long route, naturally, so expect discussions of history, law, precedent, allegations and just war theory), immigration reform (at the behest of reader Eric Schneider), the nature of sovereignty and the proper role of government (an underlying theme of much of my thinking, but we will handle these directly), continuing coverage of politics in Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond and other topics of interest to me (and you, hopefully).

Read the piece below. Ahh, bad government at its worst.

No summer break for the intellect, ever. Blessing or curse? You decide.


Lost A Sock said...

Best of luck on all of your semester wrap-ups! Oddly enough, end of the semester stuff was my favorite time (and my most hated time.) I loved being that busy, and forcing myself to truly apply myself...and also, I hated having that much on my plate all at once. :0) We'll see how good old Masters works out like that someday...with two kids!

Hey over the weekend when we headed up to Wisconsin, we all "waved to Will!" as we passed the 94/41 split where you can head over to Madison. Jack didn't wave. Sorry about that. We're working on it. :0)

So you'll be there all summer as well? Boy you are a glutton for punishment, huh? You are right - school is definitely where you excel. I've always been so impressed (and somewhat, simply trying to keep up with your political rantings!) (And I say that in the kindest way possible.)

Hey you never did say if the Badgers beat Boston?


Frema said...

This June will be one year that I've been out of grad school, and I miss it sometimes. I seriously think about getting my teaching license. Who I'll teach, I don't know. But the idea is there.

Good luck with finals!