Saturday, April 08, 2006

Know When To Hold 'Em, Know When To Fold 'Em...

...and know when to not bring up an issue.

No, seriously, thanks to everyone for the comments. I appreciate them.

My standpoint is basically that of a peronal rights issue when it comes to abortion, not really a moral one.

Is this because I have no morals? Possibly.

Is abortion morally wrong? Yes, if you think that ALL killing is wrong. Even then, it still might be.

Should there be a law banning it? Absolutely not. People need to have these decisions in hand, not the government.

Also bear in mind the nature of the author of the post. I am a bitter, cranky, eternally single libertarian who never plans on having anything to do with offspring of my own. I would never willingly saddle an innocent person with my severely defective personality. Perhaps it is best to take my opinions on these matters and ignore them. I realize that a lot of what I believe is kinda wacky (upon first hearing it).

So, here is another one for you (and something that I believe firmly).

I believe that you cannot truly own something unless you are able to sell it. This includes your body. So, this means that you should be able to sell yourself into slavery and prostitution should be legalized.

I think lots of things should be legalized, or have prohibitions removed from them.

Am I an anarchist? No, but I am running out of reasons not to be.

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Lost A Sock said...

No little Shannons running around?? Come on! Join the club! Everybody's doing it (or at least us anyway. haha)

I enjoy your entries - I like that you just put it all out there whether or not people agree with you. It's gutsy, and cool. :0)

I guess abortion is one of those hot button issues that I can't help but fight like a roaring lion about. With everything else - I agree with you - there are definitely too many laws telling me what to do or not to do (why the hell can't Hoosiers buy beer on Sunday, for instance) (not that I even would, but just saying...)

The reason there should be a law against abortion, in my opinion, is no different than why there should be a law against me killing Kevin (just saying, again) (maybe.) The general public has this tendency to act like a bunch of assholes when things, such as killing people, are legal. I don't know any abortion stats off hand, but I'm sure that there are a gazillion babies killed every year. If there were no laws against gang bangers shooting innocent passers-by, or husbands and wives killing their estranged counterparts, I'm sure murder numbers would go way up as well.

People should definitely have their "rights" back, even prostitution, as long as they are not imposing on someone else. What do I care if you sleep with a hooker? And if my husband does, then my issue is with HIM (big time) and not the hooker.

I need to stop writing novels in your comments section.

Keep writing! I enjoy it! :0)