Friday, January 21, 2005

Evangelical Wing-nuts and Spongebob: The Real Terrorists

The evangelical, facist, freedom-hating, intolerant, more-dangerous-than-500-terrorists Jesus freak Nazis are at it again. Read the story, but they are attacking a video with Spongebob that preaches tolerance.

Yep, tolerance.

The war on terror needs to be redirected at these people. They are the fifth column. They live amongst us, shop in our stores, pick through out garbage. They may even make overtures to you, try to be your buddy. It is all smiles and puppies until the SPRING THE PROPAGANDA SALVATION ATTACK FULL THROTTLE!

"Are you saved?"

That one question and the cat is out of the sacred sack. They are brainwashed mindless automatons who are commanded by their Minister/Fuherer to sweep across the land spreading their message of simple obedience and black-and-white moral logic.

These people are more dangerous to the U.S. than OBL, Saddam, Kim Jong Il and a big scary dog in a Buick Regal. Unfortunately, we have a man who is amenable to their cause at the helm right now.

Gay/lesbian/transgender community, if you are listening, start grooming a candidate now! I will spearhead your outreach to the straight community. We can do this together. Anyway...

So I implore you, Mr. President...take the example of JFK when people thought that there could never be a responsible Catholic president. Keep your personal beliefs, well, personal. Lead the nation in the best interest of the citizenry, not these Bible thumping reasonless hatemongers that made me leave the Republican Party for good. See, GWB, I might have even voted for ya. Well, probably not, but still...

I leave you with a quote from the Great and Ascended Master, Frank Zappa:

"If you want to raise normal kids, keep them as far away from church as possible."

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