Monday, November 03, 2008

Shannon Makes The Call: House Races

Here are my picks for what myself and an equally astute political hack (hat tip to Andrew "Eric Andersson" Erickson) thought were interesting races in the House.

NB: The winnners' names are capitalized. The incumbent (if there is one) is marked with an "*" The party designation should be self-explanatory. In each case, the state abbreviation is followed by the particular congressional district in question.


  • AL-02: LOVE (R) def. Bright (D)
  • AL-05: GRIFFITH (D) def. Parker (R)
  • AK-AL: BERKOWITZ (D) def. Young (R)*
  • AZ-03: SHADEGG (R)* def. Lord (D)
  • AZ-05: MITCHELL (D)* def. Schweikert (R)
  • AZ-08: GIFFORDS (D)* def. Bee (R)
  • CO-04: MARKEY (D) def. Musgrave (R)*
  • CT-04: HIMES (D) def. Shays (R)*
  • FL-21: MARTINEZ (D) def. L. Diaz-Balart (R)*
  • FL-25: M. DIAZ-BALART (R)* def. Garcia (D)
  • GA-08: MARSHALL (D)* def. Goddard (R)
  • IL-10: SEALS (D) def. Kirk (R)*
  • IN-03: SOUDER (R)* def. Montagano (D)
  • KS-02: BOYDA (D)* def. Jenkins (R)
  • LA-06: CAZAYOUX (D)* def. Cassidy (R)
  • MI-09: PETERS (D) def. Knollenberg (R)*
  • MN-03: MADIA (D) def. Paulsen (R)
  • MN-06: TINKLENBERG (D) def. Bachmann (R)*
  • NV-03: TITUS (D) def. Porter (R)*
  • NJ-03: ADLER (D) def. Meyers (R)
  • NM-01: HEINRICH (D) def. White (R)
  • NM-02: TEAGUE (D) def. Tinsley (R)
  • NY-29: MASSA (D) def. Kuhl (R)*
  • OH-01: DRIEHAUS (D) def. Chabot (R)*
  • WA-08: BURNER (D) def. Reichert (R)*
  • WI-08: KAGEN (D)* def. Gard (R)
  • WY-AL: Lummis (R) def. Trauner (D)


New Dem/GOP split in House = 267/168.

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