Monday, November 03, 2008

Shannon Makes The Call: Governors

Here are my picks for all of the governor's races to go off tomorrow.

NB: The winner's name is in capital letters. The incumbent (if there is one) is marked with an "*" The party designations should be self-explanatory, as should the abbreviations for the states.

  • DE: MARKELL (D) def. Lee (R)
  • IN: DANIELS (R)* def. Long-Thompson (D)
  • MO: NIXON (D) def. Hulshof (R)
  • MT: SCHWEITZER (D)* def. Brown (R)
  • NH: LYNCH (D)* def. Kenney (R)
  • NC: PERDUE (D) def. McCrory (R)
  • ND: HOEVEN (R)* def. Mathern (D)
  • UT: HUNTSMAN (R)* def. Springmeyer (D)
  • VT: DOUGLAS (R)* def. Symington (D) and Mollina (I)
  • WA: GREGOIRE (D)* def. Rossi (R)
  • WV: MANCHIN (D)* def. Weeks (R)


Margin of victory in NC contest = 2%.

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the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I hope you're wrong in North Carolina. I think that Easley's unpopularity (on par with Bush's presidency) will drag down Perdue. If McCrory can get Charlotte and Raleigh to go his way, I think that it'll help out and he pulls the upset (upset as far as you've called it).