Monday, November 03, 2008

Shannon Makes The Call: Senate Races

Here are my picks for what I and the aforementioned Andrew "Eric Andersson" Erickson thought were the more competitive/interesting Senate races.

NB: The winner's name appears in capital letters. The incumbent (if there is one) is marked with an "*" The party designations should be self-explanatory, as should the abbreviations for the states.


  • VA: WARNER (D) def. Gilmore (R)
  • NM: T. UDALL (D) def. Pearce (R)
  • AK: BEGICH (D) def. Stevens (R)*
  • CO: M. UDALL (D) def. Schaffer (R)
  • NH: SHAHEEN (D) def. Sununu (R)*
  • NC: HAGAN (D) def. Dole (R)*
  • OR: MERKELEY (D) def. Smith (R)*
  • MN: FRANKEN (D) def. Coleman (R)* and Barkley (I)
  • GA: CHAMBLISS (R)* def. Martin (D)
  • KY: MCCONNELL (R)* def. Lunsford (D)
  • MS: WICKER (R)* def. Musgrove (D)
  • LA: LANDRIEU (D)* def. Kennedy (R)
  • ME: COLLINS (R)* def. Allen (D)
  • TX: CORNYN (R)* def. Noriega (D)
  • NE: JOHANNS (R) def. Kleeb (D)


Margin of victory in GA Senate race = 1.5%

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