Monday, February 21, 2005

Be Confused No More...Forever!

Ah, the internet is a wonderous presence. The following site is proof of that fact.

Suffering spiritual confusion? Dealing with religious questions that are so important that you cannot trust yourself?

Let the amazing Belief-O-Matic decide for you!

Just answer some simple questions and PRESTO! Your religious tendencies are decided for you, no hassle and no take-backs!

I guess that I am either a liberal Protestant or a Unitarian Universalist (neither of which being the religious tradition of my youth).

The things you learn about yourself...


Frema said...

My Catholic parents would not be happy to learn that, according to this survey, my beliefs fall more in line with liberal Christian Protestants.

Kate said...

Once a Jew, always succeptible to the brainwashing of the Zionist Occupational Government. I'm 100% semitic, according to the site.

Then comes Secular Humanism at 94%. Figure that one out, I dare you.

Here's the congregation of my youth, online and connected for your mocking delights: The Jewish Cultural Society of Ann Arbor

How it amounts to religion, I'll never know.