Friday, February 25, 2005

Pundits: Good and Good For You!

As I read across the collected week of punditry:
  • Arnaud de Borchgrave - Great commentary, as usual, on the situation in Israel/Palestine. He argues that the "peace process" looks stable and both sides are seeming to want to come together (an encouraging assessment with which I agree). He also says, however, that there may be violence started by the more fringe elements, displaced by the new togetherness. This sort of thing is to be expected as the insurgents/terrorists and their goals are met and the violence becomes obsolete. These groups may try a desparate attempt for survival, but this would be a short term problem in a long term problem.
  • Thomas Sowell - I knew that I should say something about this idiot Ward Churchill and his comments about 9/11. Sowell, as usual, provides keen insight in arguing that "academic freedom does not mean freedom from responsibility for what you say." Seems to me that this professor said these things to be provocative and make some people angry and he should not complain if he must face the consequences of his actions. No person should be free from this. I am an academic and I think that he was irresponsible and should probably lose his job.
  • John Leo - A funny yet thought provoking take on all of those people who want to run to Canada because life has become untenable here because we re-elected Pres. Bush. I am no huge fan of Bush, but he is not the anti-Christ as some would make him out to be. He is just another in long line of out-to-lunch politicos who will pursue their vision for America without bothering to ask the American people what they think (and not offering any alternatives). Canada always seems to be the promised land...not so.

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