Monday, February 14, 2005

Confessions of an Occasional Revolutionary Socialist

I have something to confess.

In certain moments of rage, I turn into quite the violent socialist revolutionary.

These moments usually center around (wait for it...) television shows like "Cribs," or "The Fabulous Life." These people are the objects of my political confusion.

I guess that it may have started in my youth during the 1980's. With a show like "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," I was caused to wonder "why do these people get all the stuff? Where the heck is my stuff?"

It seems like a logical conclusion that the top of our consumer and "ownership" society would be the group of people with the most stuff and the most land to showcase said stuff. It, further, could be taken as a tool of inculcation into the mindset of acquisitiveness and avarice that seems to be an integral part of the American civil religion.

Do I have a problem with people making money and enjoying it? Not on your life. Make as much as you can and blow it on whatever you want. I just don't get how this can turn into entertainment for people who have MUCH less. You are almost fueling their rage and preparing them for the violent uprising that will no doubt take place when your splendor is waved under their collective noses.

Oops. Forgot that the rage of the American people is dead and vapid entertainments are merely a function of this lack of desire to make real change and piss some people off. Keep 'em happy, fed and stupid by tricking them with visions of unattainable splendor.

Lucky for the "powers that be," no one listens to voices in the wilderness such as myself.

I must try, however, or I would become a symptom of this great and spreading malaise.

I sincerely hope you agree. You are Americans, aren't you?

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