Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Michael Moore: When Prophecy Fails

There was recently a big deal made of the fact that Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 was passed over completely for the 77th Annual Academy Awards. Many of the commentators/pundits/wonks/professional liars seemed shocked that this film was not even considered for the award.

I don't understand where this shock came from. This film, timely though it seemed, was an utter failure.

To put it quite simply, everything that Michael Moore was up to since about 2001 was aimed at unseating George W. Bush. Well, Mike, you failed. In some ways, pretty badly.

If you look at his books Stupid White Men and (clearer still) Dude, Where's My Country and of course "F911 (as he calls it on his website," the main thrust of his entire polemic, of all of his invective, was to destroy the reputation and support for George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential elections.

You failed to do this, Mike.

Why so long after the elections for these comments? Saying that I am not timely? Well, I figured that I would give the guy time to respond to this crushing defeat. Check out Michael Moore's website...nothing in sight. What's the deal, Mike? Shy of your own camera now? Kinda hard to be smug when your pants are around your ankles, isn't it?

Do I think that you are a bad guy? Not at all. As two big guys from the Great Lakes states (you from Michigan, me from Illinois), we share a regional esprit. You also make very entertaining films, ones that leave the audience scratching their heads. Good on 'ya. I can't wait for the next one...just plain good entertainment. I guess that's what film is all about, make you laugh and think.

Do I love George W. Bush? Not on your life, so in a way, I was with you there, Mike.
I wouldn't have minded it either. But it didn't get done. And you talked a pretty big game in your three year blitz to make this happen? So what say you?

I am asking nothing more of you than what you asked of the Bush administration:

Explain yourself to the American people.

Explain why you said that you would make George W. Bush lose and you didn't do it.

I am sure that your partisans are awaiting the explanation from their leader as to why the campaign fell apart.

Ahh, the cold anaseptic sting of failure. Good for 'ya sometimes. Keeps you honest.

Now you know how it feels.

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