Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cheap Beer: The Next O.K. Thing With America To Go?

Well, as the old saying goes, everything old is new again. Put more bluntly, there are no new ideas. These vague axioms (truisms, really) seem to capture a lot of the spirit of our age, no? While these "retro" rehashings of old things for the sake of misplaced nostalgia (we historians HATE misplaced nostalgia) were fine when they were confined to idiotic clothes and people listening to disco again, now I am starting to really worry.

According to my observations (and articles like this one from Metromix), so-called "retro" beers are undergoing a resurgence in popularity amongst the younger set.

This needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

While an increase in popularity could insure the survival of some of these storied brands, beers that our fathers and grandfathers passed down to us could suffer from their own success. The reasons that lower-middle class folks such as myself and my cohorts drank these beers were the simple reasons that anyone chooses one product over another. First, there is socialization; I challenge you to find one kid on the south side of Chicago who's dad didn't drink Old Style. Second, value for price; these beers were affordable and they taste good. There was no desire to make it a "lifestyle choice." Beer is tasty and refreshing and can lead to a universe of wonderful stories and times among friends.

It should and must not become a fashion accessory for trendy bastards who have no culture of their own so they must appropriate the cultural aspects of other people. Cheap beer is a part of our culture and not yours. You will only serve to drive the prices up and make a whole lot of people mad enough to remove that trucker hat and wry smirk from your face and make it a lot harder for you to walk comfortably.

Go and swill some shitty imported beer and let us have ours. That's the only reason we import beer in the first place. Except Guinness, which is more of a religious supply in my book.

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