Tuesday, March 15, 2005

South Side Nocturne

As per my post of last Friday, I did attend the South Side Irish Parade on Sunday. I fully expected the day to go how it often does: begin drinking early in the morning and do not stop until blacked-out or shown to a quiet place to wind down.

I was pleasantly surprised when this did not really happen.

After staying for the entire parade, we went to a friend's house in the neighborhood. We ate, drank, talked, played cards and lit a fire in the backyard. It was pleasant, friendly and ultra-subdued. After the party ended, me and part of my crew adjourned to a hotel room to continue the festivities. There was no attempt to make the room look like Led Zeppelin stayed there as there often was in years past. The card games, filthy jokes and general merriment continued long into the night. It was great fun.

The whole day just had a different feeling, a more mellow flow than usual. It was a great thing, one that I hope never changes. I guess we are getting older and our idea of fun, while maintaining its core, has matured a bit. I would at least like to think so.

With days like parade day, I guess you try to lose yourself in the day, find the flow and go with it. I was pleasantly surprised that this dynamic was mellow and easy...a welcome change from years past filled with clashes with other people, the police, hotel security and a creeping feeling of regret. It was not so this year.

I hope these feelings can last...

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