Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Insight and Invective

The weekly culling of political opinion offers these two instances, one of genuine insight, one of brainless ranting.
  1. Anna Quindlen in Newsweek - This is probably the most compassionate, even-handed assessment of not only the Terri Schiavo case but of the subject of life support and ethics that has come from the popular press in the last weeks. I really cannot agree more with her assessment that it should be the responsibility of every family to reduce the suffering of its own. If that is through death, then that is what there must be. Can we ever tell if someone in a coma feels/understands the experience of suffering? Not really; we must trust families to make the best decisions for their own and not allow such an issue to become a political/moral football.
  2. Anne Coulter's appearance at Kansas University - The shocker to me is that there should be divided opinion on Ms. Coulter and her stances on the issues of the day. College students should know better than to cheer or jeer. Be quiet, ask intellegent questions and engage this latter-day Limbaugh. If you do this, it will frustrate her. Just give her enough rhetorical rope to hang herself.

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